flag football plans case study

Client: Flag Football Plans

Goal: Organize campaign for ROI tracking and increase sales

Platform: Google Ads (Adwords)

What We Did:

The owner of this company recently purchased the site and was struggling to try and get it off the ground. They sell flag football plays and equipment. This campaign was struggling from an organizational standpoint and was not setup to track revenue, thus we couldn’t track ROI. First, we helped them to get the campaign setup to track revenue. For any ecommerce site, this is very important.

Next, we setup Google Shopping and began to dig into the historical data of the campaign, researched the industry, performed keyword research and did everything we could to better optimize it and increase sales. Over the course of several months, we were able to help them increase total conversions (sales), their conversion rate and revenue. In turn, this allowed him to expand other marketing efforts.

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