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We've been doing PPC for attorneys for a long time. This experience allows us to offer you value and results that are hard to find with other PPC companies.

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We pride ourselves on being easily accessible to our clients. We can communicate with you via email, phone, Zoom, Slack or whatever works best for you!

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Better Legal Google Ads Value

Many larger Google Ads companies who "specialize" in legal marketing charge higher fees that don't reflect the service they provide. We can offer better value and a much lower price.

Get More Value From Google Ads

Maximize Your Budget

PPC for lawyers is getting more expensive every year. It is important to be very efficient with your budget. We take proactive measures to ensure your ads only show to your targeted audience.

We optimize your budget to focus on the keywords that bring you new clients. Every dollar counts and we understand this.

Machine Learning + Human Expertise

Some PPC agencies rely too heavily on pure automation. They take the "set it and forget it" approach. This can cause problems and tends to lead to accounts being neglected. We take an active approach. We leverage our PPC expertise along with machine learning and smart algorithm-based bidding and testing. This is how you will get the absolute best results from your campaigns.

Legal PPC Expertise @ A Lower Cost

Large PPC Agencies have lots of overhead costs and employees to pay. To cover these big expenses and make a profit, they have to trickle these costs down to you.

We don’t. That’s why we can offer you expert legal PPC services at a lower cost.

Intake Analysis

Most PPC agencies don't offer this analysis. Often overlooked, a poor intake process can cost you money.

We analyze the keywords that generate calls. We analyze the time(s) of day that produce the best calls. We can identify areas of opportunity where you can improve your process. This value-added service can get you even more clients.

See Client Case Studies

family law ppc


family law ppc

Goal: Increase monthly leads

Platform: Google Ads

What we did: We started running Adwords for this law firm in March 2018. The client wanted us to grow the monthly lead volume. They were stuck getting roughly 20 leads a month and were willing to increase budget if they could increase leads at a similar CPA.

We were able to consistently get them over 100 leads a month after a few months of management.



Goal: Get leads consistently under $300 and increase monthly leads.

Platform: Google Ads

What we did: We started working on the campaign in February 2018. The client wanted to get leads under $300 to begin with.  The next step was to then start increasing leads while maintaining their CPA targets. They were struggling getting consistency with their campaign. After a full month of implementing our Google Ads strategy, we were able to get costs down. We then began testing various ways to slowly increase their monthly lead volume.


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