A Successful Google Ads Text Ad …

successful google ads text ad

Is Relevant To A User’s Search Query Simply put, the more relevant your ad is to a user’s search query, the better. Now, let’s expand on that. Being relevant means that your keywords, ads and landing page are all closely related to a person’s search query – the words they type into Google. As far … Read more

Target CPA Google Ads Bidding

google ads target cpa bidding

Google Ads management can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Finding ways to improve efficiencies is important. One of those areas can be bidding. Are you focused on costs, profitability and efficiency with your Google Ads account? If so, then Target CPA could be a good option for you. This bid strategy removes many of … Read more

Google Ads COVID-19 Help For SMBs

google ad credits covid 19

Google is tapping into its billions to help out small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. They have set aside $340 million in ad credits for small businesses running Google Ads. SMBs who have been actively advertising on Google Ads since the beginning of 2019 are eligible. These ad credits can be used at any … Read more

Should I Hire A PPC Agency?

should i hire ppc agency

PPC management is not easy. It takes a certain level of expertise and time in order to produce results that drive business growth. PPC platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and Bing Ads are constantly evolving. Unless you are consistently staying on top of updates, new features and rules, you will start to fall behind. The … Read more

Target ROAS Google Ads Bidding

google ads target roas

Target ROAS (return on ad spend) is an automated bid strategy that works best for eCommerce businesses. It is also a much better automated bid strategy than maximize conversion value. This bid strategy is similar to Target CPA, but the “target” is ROAS instead of cost per acquisition (CPA). With CPA targeting, you are only … Read more

Google Ads Automated Bidding Guide

google ads automated bidding

Me: “In short, automated bidding is where Google automatically does the bidding for you.” You: “What?! That’s amazing captain obvious! Just brilliant. Definitely worthy of a tweet.” Me: “Ok fine, let’s break it down a bit further than that. “Just come up with your campaign goals, pick the automated bidding strategy you want to use … Read more

How To Choose A PPC Agency

how to choose a ppc agency

Choosing a PPC agency is similar to making an internal hire. You need to do your research and ask the right questions. To help you on your journey, I have listed six areas you’ll want to look into. 1. Make Sure They Have Case Studies You Can Review Any PPC management company worth considering should … Read more

Google Ads Maximize Conversions… Think Twice

google ads maximize conversions

My recommendation on Maximize conversions? See image above. Alright, TL;DR version over. Expanded version below. Maximize conversions is a fully automated bidding strategy. It’s a “set it and forget it” approach to bidding. There are no bidding options for individual keywords. With this approach you are tapping into Google’s advanced maching learning to optimize your … Read more