Google Ads Customer Match Guide

google ads customer match

With Google Ads, you can reach your audience in several different ways. The most common way that advertisers would show ads would be with keywords. These keywords could trigger ads to show in Google search. Other common ways include topics, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, placements and topics. With Customer Match, you can use Google Ads … Read more

Negative Keywords In Google Ads

negative keywords in google ads

Negative keywords are a great way to reduce wasted ad spend and narrow your focus to only show ads to your target audience. When you setup a Search campaign, you use keywords in Google Ads for targeting. You pick keywords you think your target audience would type into Google search so you can show them … Read more

8 Tips For Setting Up Your 1st Google Ads Campaign

tips to setup a google ads campaign

1. Define Your Goal When you begin the process of creating a new campaign, you will be presented different goal options. Selecting a goal will help to focus your campaign on trying to achieve that goal. For example, if the goal of your campaign is to generate leads, then you would choose the ‘Leads’ goal. … Read more

Google Ads Bid Simulators

google ads bid simulators

Have you ever wanted to see how the performance of your campaign might change if you were to adjust your bidding or budget? Well, Google has a handy tool that can do just that. Enter the Google Ads bid simulators. There are currently two Google Ads simulators available: Manual CPC bid simulators Smart Bidding simulators … Read more

Google Ads Daily Budget Overview

average daily budget google ads

Controlling your advertising costs is key component to the success of your Google Ads performance. I have seen far too many clients get blindsided by their Google Ads bill because they don’t adequately understand how their daily budget and spending limits works. Google Ads Budget and Spending Limits Average Daily Budget – This is the … Read more

What Are Keywords In Google Ads?

Selecting highly relevant keywords that your target audience would use, is an extremely important aspect of your Google Ads campaigns. Choose the wrong keywords and you can waste a lot of money. Choose highly relevant keywords and you can generate highly targeted leads and sales. For example, if you are a plumbing company wanting to … Read more

Campaign Goals In Google Ads

About Campaign Goals In Google Ads The objective of campaign goals is to help you with decision-making. When you first setup a new campaign, you will be shown several objectives (goals). These objectives are designed to guide you towards the campaign types that will help you achieve your goals with a given campaign. They all … Read more

Enhanced Conversions For Google Ads

With privacy being more and more of a concern for people, companies are increasingly adjusting to these valid concerns. For example, in the Spring of 2021 Apple released an update that required apps that use tracking, must have a prompt that allows people to opt out. Apple no longer allows the data collection and sharing … Read more