How To Choose A PPC Agency

how to choose a ppc agency

Choosing a PPC agency is similar to making an internal hire. You need to do your research and ask the right questions. To help you on your journey, I have listed six areas you’ll want to look into. 1. Make Sure They Have Case Studies You Can Review Any PPC management company worth considering should … Read more

PPC Management Pricing. Are You Paying Too Much?

ppc agency pricing

The price of things has informational value that equates high price with high quality or value. As consumers, oftentimes we see something that is expensive and just assume it is better than the other “somethings” in the same category. I mean, why else would it be so expensive? It has to be better. Right? Comparatively, … Read more

Should I Hire A PPC Agency?

should i hire ppc agency

PPC management is not easy. It takes a certain level of expertise and time in order to produce results that drive business growth. PPC platforms like Google Ads, Facebook and Bing Ads are constantly evolving. Unless you are consistently staying on top of updates, new features and rules, you will start to fall behind. The … Read more

What Are Custom Intent Audiences In Google Ads?

Targeting the right audience is extremely important to the success of your campaigns. Custom intent audiences allow you to define and reach your ideal audience. With custom intent, you can go beyond Google’s pre-defied audience categories. About Custom Audiences Custom audiences can be setup for Display, Discovery, Gmail and Video campaigns. They are not currently … Read more

How To Use Automatic Targeting In Google Display

Audience targeting is extremely important to the success of your online advertising. Target the wrong audience and you can waste alot of money. If you are running ads on the Google Display Network, you have a plethora of targeting options at your fingertips. You can split the targeting into two groups; manual and automated. We’ll … Read more

What Is The Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is centered around image-based ads. These ads include flash, video, text, and audio formats. These ads display across the internet on various websites, apps, and social media. This offers any business an enticing, engaging, and highly targeted digital ad format.  Google Display Network Introduction The Google Display Network is diverse and … Read more

How To Create Responsive Search Ads In Google Ads

Responsive search ads are an easy way to use machine learning to serve the best message to the right person at an ideal time  – while they’re searching your keywords.   Not only can responsive search ads help improve your performance, but they can also be easier than creating dozens of individual ads yourself.  Through machine … Read more

5 Strategies To Boost Google Ads Conversion Rates

Every second of every day, Google receives over 63,000 searches. That means over the course of a day, 5.6 billion searches take place. That’s a tremendous amount of potential traffic. Marketers know the value of that traffic, and they spend a lot of time and effort building Google ad campaigns to try to snag some … Read more