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We offer a highly flexible and low cost white label PPC partnership. We don’t bother with contracts and we aim to integrate into your existing business structure. To learn more about what we offer and what things you should look for in any white label partner, please keep reading.

white label ppc

Does the following sound like you?

  • I keep turning away clients asking about PPC because I don’t have the means to fulfill PPC management services.
  • I have a few PPC clients but I simply don’t have the expertise to adequately manage them. PPC is not my specialty.
  • I need someone to jump in and hit the ground running as my current PPC resource is no longer available.
  • I have a large book of clients and my current PPC provider is no longer providing excellent value for my clients.

If so, then we should talk. Reach out to us here.

Below is a quick overview of who we are and what we can offer you.

Volume Discounts

Our white label PPC agency pricing comes with discounts! We offer volume discounts with pricing as low as $200 per client! And, no contracts.

Managing PPC Accounts Since 2011

Man we are old! I personally managed my first Google Ads accounts in 2011 and I have been managing PPC accounts ever since. My first PPC accounts were for a paintball company and a gag gifts store. If you are an April 1st and fart machine fan, then that gag gifts store would have been perfect for you!

Anyway, we’ve been doing this a while and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Get peace-of-mind knowing you’re working with a highly experienced and qualified partner. You are not simply acquiring a service; You’re getting a new team member.

Consistent Communication

Apparently we think this is a bigger deal than many other agencies do. We have onboarded many new partners who cited poor communication as one of the main reasons for seeking out another white label ppc partner.

You will have access to us throughout the day. We can communicate with your team via Slack, email, phone, Zoom, collaboration software, or whatever works best for you!

Flexible Partnership

Flexibility is big with us. We don’t want to force you into our white label ppc model and business structure. We want to integrate into what you currently do. Of course, we can offer suggestions and provide insight into what we have learned with other partnerships.

For example, if you already have teamwork software (Asana, Slack, Teamwork, etc.) you use, then you can fold us into it.

We can negotiate a fee structure that works best for you and makes both of us happy. Many white label PPC agencies have a rigid pricing structure and are unwilling to change it. Our goal is to find a win-win that works for both of us.

We can be the “wizard behind the curtain” and only do PPC fulfillment without client interfacing. Or, if we need to chat with your clients and answer questions, then we can do that, too.

We can take on your entire book of clients or just the overflow you can’t handle. It’s up to you.

Case Studies

We have dozens of case studies you can review. Please check them out here.

White Label Google Ads Management

Managing Google Ads is a big part of what we do for our white label clients. We have managed campaigns both big and small ($500 to $100k per month ad spend). We have managed both lead generation and eCommerce Google Ads accounts. When you have been managing accounts since 2011 professionally, you almost have no choice but to manage a wide array of accounts.

One of the main reasons for Google Ads being a big part of our white label partnerships is simply due to demand. Most of the SEO agencies and other marketing firms we partner with have Google Ads clients. Google Ads is still the powerhouse when it comes to PPC.

Additional PPC Platforms We Work With

In additional to providing Google Ads white label services, we also provide services for Facebook (I’ll start saying Meta someday), Instagram, Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn.

After Google Ads, the platform we work on most is Facebook/Instagram. We have been managing Facebook accounts since 2016.

We have been managing Microsoft Advertising campaigns almost as long as Google Ads. However, the client demand simply is not as high as it is with Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram. That’s too bad because we have found that Microsoft Advertising campaigns are a great supplemental advertising option to Google Ads. It won’t bring in the same volume but you can absolutely generate high quality leads or sales with it.

Finally, we do some LinkedIn Ads for some of our B2B clients. Again, LinkedIn suffers from some of the same low demand issues that Microsoft Advertising suffers from. And, that is too bad. LinkedIn, when done right, can really help out an overall B2B marketing strategy.

What Is White Label PPC?

White label PPC management is where you have a different company fulfill the PPC services you offer your clients.

The client is yours, but you simply have someone else do the PPC work. In most cases, the company you hire to do the PPC work stays “behind the scenes” while you interface with your client. This is a typical arrangement we have with most of our white label clients.

However, we do have arrangements where we do client interfacing. In these cases, we simply represent the company who hired us for white label work.

What Are The Benefits Of White Label PPC Services?

Flexible Relationship: With outsourcing your PPC to a contractor, you don’t have to deal what comes with hiring a W2 employee. You are simply contracting the work and you can end the relationship at any time. Hiring a W2 employee means you have the burden of adding them to your payroll. In turn, you now have to pay taxes and health insurance, contribute to unemployment insurance and offer them other benefit packages like vacation and sick time.

And, if you ever need to terminate their employment it can be more difficult than ending a relationship with a contractor. With us, we are month-to-month. This means we do not require any contracts. You can end the relationship at any time.

Cost Savings: Outsourcing your PPC service needs can help you save time and costs on hiring employees, training them, and managing them in-house. By working with an experienced white label agency, you can access the same level of expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Make Better Use Of Time and Resources: We have taken on new partners who were trying to run a few accounts for existing clients. They were struggling with effectively managing the accounts and having a team member fully dedicated to them. By using an outside resource, you are gaining a PPC specialist who is solely dedicated to managing the accounts. They are laser-focused on PPC. It’s what they do and what they do best. Letting them take on the account management will free up your (and your team’s) time to focus on what you do best.

Improved Efficiency: By outsourcing your marketing needs to a white label agency, you can free up valuable resources within your business that can be used elsewhere. This will help improve efficiency across all areas of your business operations and ensure that tasks are completed quickly and accurately.

Access to Expertise: Working with an experienced white label agency gives you access to experts who understand the latest trends in digital marketing and how they can be applied to your business goals. They will also be able to provide insights into what strategies work best for different types of businesses so that you can get the most out of your campaigns.

Business Growth: Maybe PPC is something you have only considered, but did not feel comfortable taking on clients. Past clients have asked you if you do PPC but you didn’t have the right resource to effectively take on this new revenue channel. Hiring a white label partner will allow you to offer PPC services without the need to hire a full-time W2 employee. It’s a great way to expand your offerings and grow your business.

Who Is This White Label PPC Service For?

Our white label PPC service works best for SEO firms, web design agencies and other digital marketing companies.

If your specialty is web design, SEO or something other than PPC, then we can help you. Instead of trying to figure out the best way to create an in-house team to learn and fulfill PPC services, it can be much easier to partner with a white label PPC company.

We also take on overflow. If you have in-house PPC resources but simply can’t keep up with client demand, then we can help you out.

What Should You Look For In A White Label Partner?

So, you’re thinking of partnering with a white-label marketing company for your business? Wise choice! Or is it? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But fear not, my friend, I’m here to guide you through this treacherous journey. Here are five crucial factors to keep in mind when picking a white-label marketing company (and possibly saving your sanity):

1. Expertise Matters (No, Really)

First things first, you need to assess the white label PPC service provider’s expertise. Are they well-versed in your niche, or are they just winging it? How long have they been managing PPC accounts? This one is important. For some PPC agencies, keeping the overhead costs down is paramount to keeping the lights on. One of the ways they reduce costs is by using entry-level PPC specialists. These specialists do not have much experience managing accounts. Make sure you ask who is going to be managing your accounts and what their experience level is.

Additionally, make sure to ask them for PPC case studies or examples of past successful partnerships. This will give you a good idea of their capabilities and what they can bring to the table. After all, nobody wants a partner who doesn’t know their stuff. Case studies? Yes, we have dozens >>> Check them out

2. Account Control and Access

Believe it or not, some white label agencies still don’t provide account access to you or your clients. This is a huge red flag. In fact, if they do not give you administrative access to your client accounts, then walk away.

What some agencies will do, is create brand new accounts for all of your clients. Then, they don’t give you access and make you rely on their reporting to know how our client’s Google Ads account are performing. Again, if you are in talks with an agency who does this, then RUN!!!!

3. Communication and Transparency

Communication is key to any successful partnership. Make sure you understand how the white-label marketing company communicates with their clients and how often. Do they provide regular updates, or do they leave you hanging? Are they transparent about their processes and strategies, or is everything shrouded in mystery? Make sure you’re on the same page and have open channels of communication. After all, no one likes to be kept in the dark.

4. Pricing That Fits Your Budget (Or Breaks the Bank)

Of course, pricing is always a consideration when choosing a white-label marketing company. Be upfront about your budget and make sure you get a clear understanding of what services are included in their pricing. Don’t forget to ask about any additional fees or charges that may come up during your partnership. Remember, surprises are great for birthdays, not so much for budgets.

5. Rigid or Flexible Partnership

In order to keep costs down, some white label PPC agencies have to be rigid with their offerings. They are unable (or unwilling) to accommodate to some of your needs. They may keep communication to a minimum, for example. Here are a few things I know several white label agencies require when using their services:

  • New Google Ads accounts for all clients. Look out for this one if your clients are already running Google Ads. If they are, then there is no good reason to start over with a brand new ad account. Especially, if you are not going to get access to the new accounts.
  • Nickle ‘n diming. Some white label agencies charge extra for remarketing or other campaign types. Make sure to ask if you have to pay extra for things such as remarketing, additional campaigns or keywords. Some agencies will charge extra if your client accounts require additional campaigns or keywords over a specified number.
  • Custom landing pages. Some agencies will require your clients to use new landing pages they create. And, they will charge extra for landing page creation. Not all clients will need new landing pages. Many have perfectly fine websites you can run traffic to. In this example, the agency is requiring you to use their landing pages which comes at a cost. This is just more nickle ‘n diming. NOTE: It is common and perfectly fine for white label agencies to charge for landing page creation. The issue comes when they require it to use their services.

6. Delivery Timelines (Because Time is Money)

Last but not least, you need to consider delivery timelines. How long does it take for the white-label marketing company to deliver their services? Can they meet your deadlines, or do they operate on “island time”? Make sure you get a clear understanding of their timelines and how they handle any unexpected delays.

Partnering with a white label PPC agency can be an excellent way to grow your business. By keeping the above factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right partner for your needs. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research.

Why Should I Choose You?

1. Pricing. We don’t have the same overhead costs that large PPC agencies have. Therefore, we don’t need to charge as much and you will save money with us.

Send us a quote from a larger PPC agency and we’ll most likely be able to beat it. Seriously! Take us up on this offer.

2Flexibility. As mentioned previously, we are flexible. We are not rigid in our relationships with clients. Large agencies have to be rigid in pricing, in how they operate and how they communicate with you. They have too many clients and typical big-business bloat to be flexible with each client. We don’t have those limitations.

For example, we have the ability to offer each client flexible & custom pricing, different types of reporting, better and more frequent communication and marketing value beyond just PPC. It’s not uncommon for us to have SEO and general marketing-related conversations with clients. We’re happy to help out any way we can.

3. Experience. Most agencies have the typical account manager and account specialist model. You typically speak to the account manager (who usually does not do the day-to-day work in your account) and the account specialist does the work. In order to keep costs down, many white label PPC agencies tend to hire account specialists at entry-level rates and provide them with PPC training.

Put another way, they typically don’t have years and years of PPC experience. Those people cost more and typically move on to higher positions in the agency or go start their own agency.

Our small team has well over a decade of PPC experience. There is no entry-level PPC with us. You’ll have a highly experienced PPC manager working on your account at all times

4. We Can Help You With Prospects

We have talked with hundreds and hundreds of business owners about PPC. As a result, we have learned what things to look for and what things may be red flags. Not all prospects will make good clients. Some of them can become headaches and not worth taking on. There are some tell-tale signs that can help you recognize these prospects.

Conversely, we can help you land those prospects who you believe would become long-term paying clients.

How do we do this?

We can help you by offering free Google Ads account audits for those prospects already running ads. This is a great way to close a prospect. We can also jump on a call and discuss a strategy with you after your initial call.

We consider this a value add consulting service that comes with our white label PPC management service. And, we don’t charge for it. It’s a win-win if we can help you close a new client, thus we are happy to help out in any way we can.

Do You Offer Custom Landing Page Design?

Yes, we build out custom landing pages for those clients who need them. In our experience, not all clients will need them. Many PPC clients have good websites with landing pages that will work. For those clients who do not have an adequate website, we will build out custom landing pages for them.

Do You Require A Setup Fee?

Brand new accounts will require a setup fee. Accounts that have already been setup and running may not need a setup fee.

We know many larger PPC agencies bake-in a setup fee for every new client account regardless of whether they really need it or not. We don’t do that. We’ll assess each one of your client accounts and determine if a setup fee (or, a one-time restructuring fee) is necessary. Often times, we find that a setup fee simply is not necessary.

Do You Offer Free PPC Audits?

Yes! We offer our direct clients a free Google Ads audit. So, we can extend that offer to you as well. If you are in discussions with a prospect who is already running Google Ads, then we will do a free account review. We find that this is a great way to offer prospects actionable feedback and helps to improve close rates.

How Do You Communicate?

We are available anytime during the work week and even on weekends. We typically communicate directly with you or an account rep with your company. Typical forms of communication are email, phone, Slack, collaboration software and Skype. We can also communicate directly with your clients if that is what works best for you and your needs.

Do You Offer White Label Reporting?

Yes, we offer reporting. We can provide monthly white labeled reports. Our reports typically cover high level details that clients are most interested in such as; clicks, impressions, CTR, leads, sales, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc.

What Is Your White Label PPC Pricing?

We use a custom white label PPC pricing model. We don’t have rigid limits for a certain number of keywords used or bucket pricing based on ad spend. We generally charge a flat rate for every client you send our way. As an incentive to you, we will typically reduce that fee when you bring us a larger book of clients. Again, we can get the average monthly fee to $200 per client for those partners who have us manage a large book of their clients.

Hopefully this article was informative and gave you some more insight into our white label PPC service and what to look for when engaging any white label partner. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are ready to help, educate and provide superior service.