Why Join Our White Label PPC Management Program?

Why Join Our White Label PPC Program?

Over A Decade of PPC Experience

Get peace-of-mind knowing you're working with a highly experienced and qualified partner. You are not simply acquiring a service; You're getting a new team member.

Pricing As Low As $150 Per Client!

We have the ability to offer very affordable white label pricing. We offer bulk discounts! The more clients we manage, the better the pricing gets!

Flexible Partnership

We can take on your entire book of clients or just the overflow you can't handle. We will integrate into your business processes; not the other way around.

Consistent Commuication

You will have access to us throughout the day. We can communicate with your team via Slack, email, phone, Zoom, collaboration software, or whatever works best for you!

No Contracts... Ever!

That's right! Not even a measly 'ol 30 day contract.

Get The PPC Help You Deserve

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What Our White Label PPC Partners Have To Say


Will Schmidt | Orchid Web Design

"Nick and his team really know their stuff and produce quality work. They worked on multiple AdWords accounts for us and added lots of value to these campaigns"


Brent Winterton | Guild Media

"Growmeo was great to work with as I got off the ground with a few of my AdWords clients, they were flexible with schedule and communication. Very knowledgeable and professional."


Rob Benson | Legnd

"I have personally worked with Growmeo on more than 15 online advertising projects and every time have been impressed & thankful for their expertise, insight and communication."

White Label PPC FAQ

What Is White Label PPC?

White label ppc management is where you have a different company fullfill the ppc services you offer your clients.

The client is yours, but you simply have someone else do the PPC work.In most cases, the company you hire to do the PPC work stays "behind the scenes" while you interface with your client. This is a typical arrangement we have with most of our white label clients.

However, we do have arrangements where we do client interfacing. In these cases, we simply represent the company who hired us for white label work.

Who Is This Service For?

Our white label ppc service works best for SEO firms, web design agencies and other digital marketing companies. 

If your specialty is web design, SEO or something other than PPC, then we can help you. Instead of trying to figure out the best way to create an in-house team to learn and fullfil PPC services, it can be much easier to partner with a white label PPC company.

We also take on overflow. If you have in-house PPC resources but simply can't keep up with client demand, then we can help you out. 

Why Should I Choose You Over a Large PPC Agency?

1. Pricing. We don't have the same overhead costs that large PPC agencies have. Therefore, we don't need to charge as much and you will save money with us. Send us a quote from a large agency and we'll most likely be able to beat it!

2. Flexibility. We are not rigid in our relationships with clients. Large agencies have to be rigid in pricing, in how they operate and how they communicate with you. They have too many clients and typical big-business bloat to be flexible with each client. We don't have those limitations.

For example, we have the ability to offer each client flexible & custom pricing, different types of reporting, better and more frequent communication and marketing value beyond just PPC. It's not uncommon for us to have SEO and general marketing-related conversations with clients. We're happy to help out any way we can.

3. Experience. Most agencies have the typical account manager and account specialist model. You typically speak to the account manager (who usually does not do the day-to-day work in your account) and the account specialist does the work. In order to keep costs down, many PPC agencies tend to hire account specialists at entry-level rates and provide them with PPC training.

Put another way, they typically don't have years and years of PPC experience. Those people cost more and typically move on to higher positions in the agency or go start their own agency. 

Our small team has well over a decade of PPC experience. There is no entry-level PPC with us. You'll have a highly experienced PPC manager working on your account at all times.

Do You Offer Landing Page Design?

Yes, we build out landing pages for those clients who need them. In our experience, not all clients will need them. Many clients have good websites with landing pages that will work.

For those clients who do not have an adequate website, we will build-out landing pages for them.

Do You Require a Setup Fee?

Brand new accounts will require a setup fee. Accounts that have already been setup and running may not need a setup fee.

We know many larger agencies bake in a setup fee for every new client account regardless of whether they really need it or not. We don't do that. We'll assess each one of your client accounts and determine if a setup fee (or, a one-time restructuring fee) is necessary. Often times, we find that a setup fee simply is not necessary. 

Do You Offer Free PPC Audits?

Yes! We offer our direct clients a free Google Ads audit. So, we can extend that offer to you and your clients as well.

We find that this is a great way to offer clients actionable feedback and give them insight into our expertise.

This is a great way to close the deal. We recommend that you actively promote that to your prospective clients. You promote it, and we'll do the audit free of charge.

How Do You Communicate?

We are available anytime during the work week and even on weekends. We typically communicate directly with you or an account rep with your company.

Typical forms of communication are email, phone, Slack, collaboration software and Skype. We can also communicate directly with your clients if that is what works best for you and your needs.

Do You Offer White Labeled Reporting?

Yes, we offer reporting. We can provide monthly white labeled reports. Our reports typically cover high level details that clients are most interested in such as; clicks, impressions, CTR, leads, sales, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc.

What's Your White Label PPC Pricing

We use a custom pricing model. We don't have rigid limits for a certain number of keywords used or bucket pricing based on ad spend.

We generally charge a flat rate for every client you send our way. As an incentive to you, we will typically reduce that fee when you bring us a larger book of clients.

We understand that some clients require much less work than others. In cases like this, we can get monthly fees to as low as $150 a client. 

If you are not satisfied with your current PPC performance or just need someone to take on the marketing tasks you simply don't have the time to do yourself, then perhaps it's time we talk.

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