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Men’s Clothing (eCommerce)

 Property Management Software

Goal: Reduce their CPA and cut budget by a few thousand per month

Platform: Google Ads (Adwords)

What We Did:

We began working on the account in October 2015. They needed to get their average CPA to around $60 and reduce their budget to around $2,500 per month. They had been spending over $5,000 per month with an average CPA of over $100. They were willing to get fewer conversions as they really needed to cut costs. Additionally, they had been getting some very low quality leads that they needed us to try and reduce.

Through our efforts, we were able to cut their average CPA by an average of 80%+ and save them several thousands of dollars per month in ad spend. We were also able to identify some areas in their account that were generating poor leads and stop the client from targeting and paying for them.