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DexYP Review… Buyer Beware!

Dex Media, DexYP and Thryv are all the same. Learn about how Dex Media morphed into DexYP/Thryv and why you should stay far away.

DexYP does not have a good reputation. Based on my experience with companies like this and actual feedback from their clients, I think you will come to the same conclusion. If you have worked with Dex or are considering doing so, then I highly recommend that you take ten minutes and read the follow DexYP review. Also, I will switch between DexYp and Thryv throughout this article, but just know they are the same entity.

From Dex Media To DexYP & Thryv

In 2016, Dex Media filed for bankruptcy. In June 2017, Dex Media announced they acquired Yellowpages (YP Holdings) for $600 million. This acquisition produced a “new company” called DexYP.

Dex may be trying to fix a perceived image problem. Morphing into DexYP gives them an opportunity to pivot away from their old Dex Media public image. Fortunately, Google doesn’t forget. Do some “googling” on Dex Media and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Yellowpages has typically had a good brand name. Dex Media? Depends on who you ask. The Internet is littered with reviews from very unsatisfied customers.

If you have worked with Dex Media, then you might be shaking your head. You may have experienced some of the following issues.

What Is DexYP / Thryv?

DexYP is a SaaS company. The service is billed as an end-to-end solution for small businesses. They provide services to help with day-to-day operations and marketing such as payment processing, scheduling appointments, email marketing, review gathering, paid advertisement, website management, updating business listings and more.

The “sell” is an easy all-in-one solution for small business owners. It’s the convenience factor. This can be enticing for many business owners who do not know much about marketing and don’t have the time to really make it work. DexYP / Thryv comes along with a sales pitch of an automated all-in-one solution that, on the surface, sounds nice. But is it?

After reading countless Thryv reviews online, there are alot of business owners who wish they never picked up the phone when Thryv came calling. Keep reading to find out more.

Lack of DexYP Transparency

One service DexYP offers clients is pay-per-click management. They run ads on Google, for example. This is called Google Ads (previously known as AdWords). This is what we do for small businesses. Google Ads can be a fantastic way to generate leads and sales for businesses.

However, according to many people who have used Dex Media, the way they go about it could be considered to be deceitful. It appears they don’t tell clients that it is a good idea to actually have full access to their Google Ads account.

Is this required? No. However, any honest Google Ads management company that cares about transparency gives clients full access to their own Ads account.

Based on reviews, DexYP struggle to make costs and fees clear to clients. They don’t adequately show clients what portion of spend goes to ads and what portion goes to management fees.

How much of your monthly fee went into their pocket? How much went into serving actual ads?

This is lazy at a bare minimum. Some past customers might consider this to be intentional and deceitful. Take a look at Google Adwords policy and decide for yourself. This is straight from the Google policy:

Third parties often charge a management fee for the valuable services they provide, and end-advertisers should know if they are going to be charged these fees. If you charge a management fee (separate from the cost of Google Ads or AdWords Express), let customers know.

Poor DexYP Customer Service

Here is another common scenario you will come across reading Thryv / DexYp reviews online.

The customer service reps were widely available in the beginning. They were happy to help you out. But, once you figured out the jig was up and started questioning them, they became hard to reach. They became evasive and vague.

Be Mindful Of Your Website

One of the issues that comes up frequently in reviews involves a businesses website. There are numerous complaints about DexYP / Thrive having new clients handover control of their existing website, redesigning in and taking control of the website. When business owners figure this out or simply want to part ways, they find it next to impossible to get control of their site back. Here is a list of complaints involving websites

Notice the run-around and what this poor business owner has to go through with DexYP customer service.

DexYP Contract Issues

The headaches began when you tried to cancel your service. Despite asking Dex you no longer want their service, you were still billed.

They stopped giving you straight answers. You were told you had to continue paying. You had to cancel your credit card so they stopped charging you. They sent you to collections as a result.

There are plenty of DexYP reviews online that talk about this very issue.

DexYP Reviews From Past Customers

There are some links to DexYP complaints and reviews below. Keep in mind that many companies get bad reviews that are not legitimate. Anyone can leave reviews. Competitors can leave bad reviews. Disgruntled ex-employees can leave bad reviews.

With that said, you should pay attention when there is a clear pattern. Read the reviews and complaints below, then ask yourself if you see a pattern.

See a trend?

Considering DexYP?

Has a DexYP rep contacted you? Run!!!

In all seriousness, I suggest you do your research on Dex Media. See what other small business owners have to say. Take it a step further and read the online reviews and complaints. Do Google searches like, ‘Dex YP reviews’ and ‘Dex YP complaints’. This will give you good insight into the kind of company Dex Media (DexYP) is.

The “new” DexYP/Thryv Service

The direction DexYP will go in is still unclear. Their target audience is still small businesses. They have always been in the business of selling traffic and lead generation. They may be incorporating more business management solutions with the launch of Thryv. This is their new automated software solution. Some of what the Thryv software claims it can do includes:

  1. sending quotes/estimates
  2. invoicing and processing credit cards
  3. social media posting
  4. business directory listings.

DexYP wants to play a bigger role in day-to-day operations. I’m sure many prospective clients will hear sales pitches that center around automation. My guess is the word ‘automation’ will be used no less than a dozen times in each pitch.

Automation absolutely has it’s place in marketing and other business operations. Automation can improve processes, reduce costs and increase productivity. If it is implemented correctly. But, just because something is automated does not mean it will inherently make things better. It simply makes them automated.

Heck, Thryv may prove to be a good solution for many business owners. Time will tell.

The DexYP Thryv Review Wrap UP

The whole point of this post is really simple. Due your due diligence. Understand that DexYP use to be called Dex Media. As a result, DexYP may cause businesses the same misery Dex Media did.

Same company, new name.

Check out our Dex Media review article to see what they are about. You can read countless reviews and complaints from small business owners.