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White Shark Media Review. Too Expensive?

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White Shark Media pricing is typical for large PPC agencies. They base price almost solely on your monthly budget – it’s rigid, with no customization to your business or needs. It is also higher than most smaller companies and freelancers.

As with most PPC agencies, it is necessary for White Shark Media to charge higher fees for their PPC services so they can be a profitable agency. Nothing wrong with that.

But, you don’t need to pay those higher fees to get excellent PPC management services. Read the rest of this White Shark Media review to learn why.

Why is White Shark Media pricing higher than smaller PPC companies?

Much of the answer to this boils down to the higher costs it takes to run their agency. Like with most bigger companies in any industry, it costs more to keep them afloat. They also need to turn a profit (just like any other business). This all leads to higher fees for you and your business.

What type of costs lead to these higher fees?

Overhead costs – All of those indirect costs needed to run a larger company are higher, relative to smaller companies. Consider rent, for example. Commercial space does not come cheap.

Employees – As with any business, employees are some of the biggest expenses on the “books”. White Shark Media employees dozens and dozens of employees. Some of which are not even U.S.-based employees. More on that in the next section.

Marketing costs As with any large PPC agency, White Shark Media has a dedicated team of inside sales reps who cold call prospects in hopes of turning them into clients. That does not come cheap. Due to the higher costs to run their business, it is necessary for them to have a descent-sized team in place to keep those clients rolling in.

Because of this, they have to morph into a sales company, just as much as they are a PPC management company. And, some businesses don’t appreciate some of their tactics. Just read some of the reviews for White Shark Media on Yelp…1.5 stars out of 5, ouch!

Consider this 

A good “chunk” of the fee you pay to these larger PPC agencies does NOT go to managing your PPC account. It goes to cover these other costs like rent, marketing and sales, overhead costs, etc.

White Shark Media Review of Pricing Chart

white shark review pricing

Notice the difference between the ‘Ongoing monthly cost’ and the ‘Total 1st Month Cost’. That difference is their initial setup fee, which they charge to new clients. Although some accounts do require some extensive, initial restructuring (or complete setup for new accounts), it is not necessary for every account.

We don’t require a setup fee for every single account we take on. In fact, many new clients we take on simply don’t need it, and we don’t charge for it!

Although the base fee of $349 is reasonable, it only applies to accounts that spend less than $999. Once you start spending just a little bit more, those fees start creeping up. Those fees are not custom to your business and is based purely on how much you spend. Increase your budget and you’ll spend more in management fees.

We do custom pricing for each client and consider many factors; not simply budget. Compared to White Shark Media pricing, we are up to 70% less expensive.

Benefits to using a smaller PPC company like us

Same (if not better) value and service for a lower cost. To run our business, we don’t require the same level of costs that the big agencies do. We don’t have large marketing and sales budgets. We don’t employ dozens of employees. We don’t have extensive infrastructure to run our business, which can be costly.

Simply put, we are in a position to run a successfully lean business. As a result, we don’t need to cover a ton of overhead costs and charge our clients more for our services.

Who is working on your account?

With large PPC firms like White Shark Media, you will often have people who don’t have vast years of PPC experience doing the actual work on your account. This is the nature of most large PPC companies. They have account managers (typically don’t do the actual work in the account) who oversee dozens and dozens of accounts. They have specialists who will report to them – these specialists do the actual work. These specialists are typically entry level employees and only need minimal PPC experience.

I have been in the “trenches” managing PPC campaigns for well over 9 years now. I do the analysis, testing, creation and brainstorming that is required to effectively manage PPC campaigns. In fact, there are a growing number of highly qualified PPC managers with years of experience, running there own small companies and doing high quality freelance work, and they are less expensive than the big PPC firms.

If you choose to hire one of the larger PPC agencies like White Shark Media, I can assure you that the employee who does the actual work on your account is not going to have nearly a decade of experience working on accounts.

Employees with that level of experience typically don’t stay in entry level positions; as is the case with most businesses. They get promotions, move to higher positions in a company or they start their own companies.

Offices in Nicaragua

Something you may not know about White Shark Media is the fact that they have offices in Miami and Nicaragua. So, you may have people from either the United States or Nicaragua working on your account. For some people, that is a non-issue. For others, having someone who is U.S-based is important.

Let’s sum it up

I’m not trying to “bash” White Shark Media or any other large PPC firm. They have built large companies over several years and have some happy clients, so they have to be doing something right. Right?

Ok, the point?

It simply is not necessary to pay some of the higher fees that PPC agencies charge. Additionally, being a big PPC company does not inherently equate to high quality. You can get access to high quality PPC help from smaller companies and freelancers at a fraction of the cost. In essence, you get more for your money. Why not save on those fees and use those funds for something else?

If you are interested in getting a free Adwords audit, or chatting with us about PPC management, then just fill out this form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading!
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