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Here’s Some Google Ads Advice For You

Do you need some Google Ads advice? Well, you have come to the right place. Check out this list of suggestions that may help steer you towards a more profitable Google Ads campaign.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot of noise online these days. This can make getting really good Google Ads (AdWords) advice difficult. Who is being genuine? Who is just trying to make some money off you? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

I’ve listed some good Google Ads resources below that will help you cut through the noise.

1. Beware of Google Ads reps. I have some Google Ads advice you should not consider. That is the advice that comes from Google Ads reps. I wrote an article covering this topic and outline why you should be wary of their advice. Here it is – Beware of Google Ads Reps.

2. Google Ads Youtube channel. If you need help on how to perform certain tasks, then Google’s own Youtube videos are a great place to start. They have a bunch of tutorial videos that are very helpful. Check out the channel here –

3. Google Ads advice for strategy. This is where it can be difficult to know what is good advice and what is not. Much of this largely depends on your goals. Not all advertisers have the same goals. Some simply want to generate brand awareness. Other advertisers need to generate leads and sales.

With that said, I’ve listed some article that I think provide some good advice for Google Ads users.

4. Google Ads community – This is a great community resource for Google Ads users. You can get a ton of information and advice here. You can ask questions and get feedback or sift through the thousands of threads that already exist.

The cool part of the community is being able to get advice and read what other Google Ads users have to say. It’s a great way to learn. You can check it out here

5. Shameless plug – Yes, we manage Google Ads for small businesses. Feel free to drop us a line if you need some help and advice on Google Ads.

Last piece of advice. Understand your main goals and manage your account to achieve those goals. Typical goals include, generated targeted leads at an acceptable cost per lead, generating sales at an acceptable ROI or generating brand awareness.

Everything you do should revolve around your main goal. Don’t let KPI’s become the goal. KPIs examples include clickthrough rates, click/impression volume, quality scores and average cost per click. I’ve had many discussions with people who get caught up in the quality score of some of their keywords. They obsess over it. This obsession begins to take precident and those lose focus on the ultimate goal.

Now, these KPIs are important indicators of success. They need to be monitored. Improving them can help improve performance. My point is don’t make them as important as the ultimate goal.