Google Ads Automated Bidding Guide

google ads automated bidding

Me: “In short, automated bidding is where Google automatically does the bidding for you.” You: “What?! That’s amazing captain obvious! Just brilliant. Definitely worthy of a tweet.” Me: “Ok fine, let’s break it down a bit further than that. “Just come up with your campaign goals, pick the automated bidding strategy you want to use … Read more

Google Ads Maximize Conversions… Think Twice

google ads maximize conversions

My recommendation on Maximize conversions? See image above. Alright, TL;DR version over. Expanded version below. Maximize conversions is a fully automated bidding strategy. It’s a “set it and forget it” approach to bidding. There are no bidding options for individual keywords. With this approach you are tapping into Google’s advanced maching learning to optimize your … Read more

Google Keyword Match Types

keyword match types

In the world of Google Ads, keyword match type refers to how closely you want the user’s search terms to match up with the keywords you’re bidding on. There are four main match types: broad, phrase, exact, and broad match modified. Understanding how match types work is a key component to Google ads management. If … Read more

Google Ads Glossory

google ads glossary

Absolute and top metrics – A measurement of where in the search results your ad is positioned. “Top” refers to anything above the organic results, while “absolute” refers to the first position. Account budget – The amount set to spend for all campaigns. Advertisers who operate on a monthly budget typically divide their amount by … Read more

How To Create Dynamic Search Ads In Google Ads

google dynamic search ads

If you watch the video and give this a read, you’ll be well on your way to better understanding dynamic search ads. Enjoy! Every day, 15% of searches on Google are brand new. Because of this, some advertisers are turning to dynamic search ads. These ad types use content from your website to target users. … Read more

How To Generate Leads With Google Ads

Using Google Ads to generate leads is a proven method to growing businesses. Billions of dollars has been spent running ads on Google to keep the revenue flowing. Whether you are a small business owner, a one-person business or a large corporation, Google has the means to help you generate leads. However, understanding how to … Read more

How To Advertise On Google

how to advertise on google

How do you advertise on Google? Well, you need to start with getting a Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) account. It is through Google Ads that you can setup campaigns and ads that will show up in the Google search results pages. Advertising on Google is a form pay per click marketing. You pay google every … Read more

How Does Google Ads Bidding Work?

how does google ads bidding work

Google Ads run on an auction system, meaning each time your ad is displayed its bid has won against a competing ad. Most commonly, this comes into play with Search ads when competing ads have a designated cost per click (CPC). However, there also are other bidding models and the bid isn’t necessarily won by … Read more