White Shark Media Review. Too Expensive?

white shark media review

White Shark Media pricing is typical for large PPC agencies. They base price almost solely on your monthly budget – it’s rigid, with no customization to your business or needs. It is also higher than most smaller companies and freelancers. As with most larger PPC agencies, it is necessary for White Shark Media to charge … Read more

Jumpfly Pricing Too Expensive? Read This

Jumpfly Pricing Review

Jumpfly pricing can be on the higher end in the PPC management industry, when compared to other options like smaller PPC shops and PPC freelancers. Although larger PPC companies may feel it is necessary to charge the fees they do to run their business, it is NOT necessary for you to pay them in order … Read more

AdWords ‘Missing CDATA Comments’ for WordPress: Solved

Having trouble trying to get Adwords tracking installed on WordPress? Well, you’re not alone. For those of you who are seeing the dreaded “Missing CDATA comments” when installing AdWords tracking, there is hope. If you have a developer skillset or want to test your knowledge of PHP, then you can get instruction here. For those of you who … Read more

AdWords to Require Phone Verification

Adwords phone verification news update

Back in 2011, Google announced a fantastic new feature called Call Extensions. Since this announcement, call extensions have become a staple feature utilized by many AdWords advertisers. Subsequent call-related features such as mobile Click-to-Call and the newer Call-Only ads simply show how Google is adapting to the changing universe in how people interact with the Internet … Read more