ReachLocal Reviews = Not Good. Read Why

ReachLocal reviews and complaints

Sometimes large marketing agencies don’t work well for local small businesses. “Terrible service!  Canceled my service in December 2018, yet my card continued to be charged monthly.  Have been waiting on a refund since January 2019 with repeated contact to representative and his “supervisor”, with no response or refund issued.  They jump through hoops to … Read more

New Expanded Call Only Ads For Google Ads

call me hand gesture image

Dude, expanded call-only ads are rolling out in beta. Some of you may have seen them already. I just updated the latest version of Google Ads Editor and it has added the ability to create these new expanded ads. I expect these ads will roll out to everyone in the near future. Call-only ads have … Read more

How Effective Is Google Ads?

How effective are google ads

Is Google Ads Effective? In short, absolutely. Like many things, the effectiveness of Google Ads (AKA AdWords) depends on several factors. If you use bad “tools” for a job, then you’ll get bad results. If you use the right “tools” and manage your campaigns well, then you can get some great results. Whether you are … Read more