Meet The Google Twins – Relevancy and Authority

relevancy and authority in Google search engine

No, this is not breaking news. No search engine-induced twins to see here. However, there are two very important concepts that helped Mother Google become who she is today. These two concepts are Relevancy and Authority – fondly considered proper nouns hence forth. Their importance cannot be understated when it comes to how search engines … Read more

Google Mobilegeddon Updates

google's mobile friendly update

I thought a good resource guide for Google’s new “mobile-friendly” update was in order. The importance of having a mobile-friendly website cannot be understated. Google has been focused heavily on mobile search as evident by several patents they have filed for and acquired. As more and more people access the Internet via their mobile phones, … Read more

AdWords to Require Phone Verification

Adwords phone verification news update

Back in 2011, Google announced a fantastic new feature called Call Extensions. Since this announcement, call extensions have become a staple feature utilized by many AdWords advertisers. Subsequent call-related features such as mobile Click-to-Call and the newer Call-Only ads simply show how Google is adapting to the changing universe in how people interact with the Internet … Read more