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Do Google Ads Work For Small Business?

Nick BennettLast Updated: Google Ads Tips

Do Google Ads Work For Small Businesses?

In short, yes. Plenty of small business owners are finding success generating sales and leads by using Google Ads. In fact, there are plenty of success stories where small businesses owners attribute the growth of their business to running Google Ads and other forms of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Now, how successful this can be for you depends upon a couple of factors.

What Are You Selling?

The first thing you need to consider is your product or service. Do you have a service or product that people need or want. If you are a landscaping company, divorce attorney or accountant then you are good to go. The grass keeps growing, people still call it quits and Uncle Sam still wants his money.

If you are in an industry where there is obvious demand, then you can benefit from running Google Ads. In fact, I would imagine your competitors are already running ads.

Who Is Managing Your Google Ads?

This is key. Just because you have a great product or service doesn’t mean you will find success. How you manage your campaign will have a big impact on your success or failure. Put another way, who is going to manage your Google Ads campaigns? You? Are you a typical small business owner wearing a dozen hats and now you’re going to try and tackle Google Ads? Or, are you going to hire someone who manages Google Ads for a living?

I have seen plenty of campaigns that were failing simply due to poor management. The business was providing a great service. They offered great value to customers and they already established the ability to run a successful business through other means.

So, what was the issue? It is usually one of three things.

1) The business owner was trying his/her best to run the campaigns, but did not have the expertise or time to do it.

2) They had someone (anyone) in the business take on the responsibility. Often times this is a general marketing person who knows a little bit about lots of different forms of marketing, but lacks the Google Ads expertise to be effective.

3) They hired a bad freelancer or Google Ads agency who simply is not getting the results needed. There could be a myriad of reasons for this, which is beyond the scope of this article. Small business PPC management is definitely something you should consider if you don’t think you can effectively manage your Google Ads account.

Competitive Landscape

Are you one of a handful of businesses in your industry? Or, are you surrounded with competitors with large budgets?

If you are trying to sell iPhone cases, then you will find that you are in a very competitive market. That does not mean you can’t run a profitable Google Ads campaign for your business. It just means you will need be creative with convincing people to buy your iPhone cases. Market Demand

Is your service in demand? Or, are you selling something fairly unique that only attracts a very small audience?

Are you selling products nationwide? Or, are you a service business that only works in a small radius around a local town?

Demand for your product or service in conjunction with how wide your geographical targeting is, will determine just how big your market is. If you are one of five bankruptcy attorneys running ads in a town of 10,000, then the demand will be relatively low and competitive will be relatively high.

Now, if you are one of five bankruptcy attorneys in Cleveland, then things can become a bit better for you. You have the same number of competitors but your demand just had a drastic increase due to the population increase.

Wrapping It Up

Those are just a few considerations to think about. I have been managing Google Ads accounts for small business for a decade. I’ve helped plenty of businesses find success with Google Ads.

Heck, Google Ads is Google’s cash cow. They make billions and billions every year from it. If businesses were not successful with it, then they would stop paying for the service. And, Google would not be making those billions.